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5 day getaway at a surfside resort: surfing, parasailing, volleyball, and more beach-filled activities!

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5 day retreat at an all inclusive resort located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy hiking, camping, ziplining, and horseback riding!

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5 day getaway to the mountains and the city of Gatlinburg. Experience country music concerts, theme parks, and mountain views.

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5 day getaway where you can experience the bustling city and the peacefulness of the coast. Enjoy shopping, bikeriding, ferry boats, and more.

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Escape to Park City for a five-day adventure with snowboarding, hikes, art, film festival, baking, alpine coaster, history, and sleigh rides.

What is State of Mind?

State of Mind is a travel service offering wellness retreats that rejuvenate the mind and body, and take away the stress of planning a trip. Currently we provide unique excursions located in four states: Tennessee, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Florida. At these locations guests will enjoy different activities in completely different settings. From relaxing beach yoga, hiking the Rocky Mountains, dining in city luxury, or singing to country music under the stars, we have you covered. Choose your vacation getaway…….and clear your mind with State of Mind.

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Our Team

State of Mind is made up

of 20 students that specialize

in management, marketing, design, sales, and HR. We work together every day to bring you the best and most relaxing vacation.

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St. Augustine

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Get ready for relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation with our five-day fully planned trip to the beautiful city of Saint Augustine, Florida. Stress from the harsh work environment will fade away as you check into your beachfront villa resort. Wake up for early morning yoga on the beach or a run and then join the group for beachside breakfasts. During the day head back to the beach! Here you can paddle board, surf, swim, parasail, or just enjoy a good book. Nighttime activities include beach bonfires with live music. For more recreation, beach intramural sports will be planned daily including pickleball and beach volleyball. You can get this unique experience for only $1300.

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Escape meets adventure at our 5-day all-inclusive getaway. For an affordable price of $1300, we have planned the optimal getaway trip in Colorado. Immediately upon arrival, you will be greeted by a warm, luxurious resort with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains on one side and Red Rocks on the other. We offer fun ON-SITE activities such as ziplining, hiking, ATV rides, and horseback riding. In addition, we provide a chance to experience the Colorado River through calming activities like fishing and exhilarating white water rafting. Also, for those looking for a more primitive experience, optional tent camping under the beautiful Colorado night sky is available.

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Boston/Cape Cod

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Our 5-day vacation in Boston will include a boat ride from Cape Cod to the city while enjoying amazing photo ops, various cooking classes, shopping, seafood dinners, and art classes. Your day in the city will also include a Boston city pass. The Boston city pass covers the cost of local art museums and one sporting event of the famous Red Sox, Patriots, or Celtics. Customers will also enjoy beachfront views while staying in resort-style condos located in Cape Cod. Bikes will be provided for you to explore the beach town of Cape Cod. Visit the lighthouses, explore the shops, and eat delicious lobster bisque soup, all included by State of Mind. This is the perfect trip where the bustling city meets coastal serenity and you can get this for $1400.

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The Great Smokey Mountains


Couple Kayakers Touring the River of Islamorada

Great Smoky Mountains

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Our Great Smoky Mountains vacation is a 5 day getaway in a log cabin style lodging with many different fun activities such as hiking, outdoor excursions, concerts, boating, cliff jumping, stream fishing and finally a local amusement park day pass at Dollywood. After your day of hiking, visit the famous “The Island”, home of great shopping and dining, and one of the largest Ferris wheels. One night, join your friends at an outdoor concert under the stars featuring new upcoming surprise artists. The unique Smoky Mountain experience is only $1400 with all of the activities included with food and lodging as well.

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Park City, Utah

Embark on a rejuvenating five-day escape to Park City, Utah, for an all-inclusive $1200. Nestled in the heart of the mountains, your stay at Park City Mountain Resort includes adult snowboard rentals and invigorating hikes. Immerse yourself in the local art scene at the McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery and savor the excitement of the film festival. Unleash your creativity with a baking class, take a thrilling alpine coaster ride, and explore the town's history at the Park City Museum. After exhilarating days on the slopes, unwind with hot cocoa and enchanting sleigh rides. This curated adventure promises a perfect blend of relaxation and winter wonder in Park City. Previously $1350, but on sale for $1200.

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